Latest updates - 10-20-15 - Hondo/Jaz page - puppy photos.
8 Puppies (4 females and 4 males)
arrived Friday, 8-28-15,
between 6:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Sire is our "Hondo" - GCH Triggerhill's Western Adventure, SC, RN, CGC
Dam is "Jaz" - GCH Hunter's Ridge Rogue River Royalty, CGC

Breeders:  Roy & Kathy Phelps of Rogue River, Oregon
Please contact them for further information:
email:  royphelps2000@yahoo.com

See photos of Jaz under subpage of Hondo

To contact us, please email:  jkuplent@sbcglobal.net

JULY 2015

July 27, 2015 - Hondo is going to be a father again!  See Hondo subpage "Jaz"

July 18 &19, 2015 - Portland, Oregon Dog Shows
Big weekend for the Hondo x Hannah pups & parents
Saturday - Best Puppy in Sweepstakes - Elvis - Jesmysters All Shook Up, shown by John Dewing and owned by Island and Chris Ainsworth, Walla Walla, WA
Best Opposite Puppy in Sweepstakes - Indy - Jesmyster's Wine Country Adventure, breeder/owner/handled by Debbie Brower
Best Veteran in Sweepstakes - Hondo - GCH Triggerhill's Western Adventure, SC, RN, CGC - shown by Laura Reeves
Best Opposite in Veteran Sweepsakes - Hannah - Jesmyster's Hennessey Venom, Breeder/Owner/Handled by Debbie Brower
In the Regular Classes - for AKC points - both Saturday and Sunday
Indy - Winners Bitch for 2 pts each day
Elvis - Reserve Winners Dog

Sunday in Sweepstakes classes the "girls"(Indy & Hannah) won Best
and "boys"(Elvis & Hondo) went Best Opposite.
Lots of great awards won this weekend - see photo of Hondo's haul on his page.

JUNE 2015

June 27, 2015 - Mount Vernon, WA dog show.  CONGRATULATIONS TO "Indy," Jesmyster's Wine Country Adventure, Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 2 pts. shown by her Breeder/Owner, Debbie Brower.

June 18, 2015 - Happy 1st Birthday to Indy, DiDi, Chablis, Elvis, Rugby, Taz, Redding, Dexter, Zoey, Maisie and "Orange" boy. Thank you to Debbie Brower (Jesmyster) for choosing Hondo for Hannah last year and for finding these pups such great homes. Hoping for more photos of them to post on FB and this website.

June 6 & 7 - Congratulations to Birthday Boy "Rowan"
Silver GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC, HIC, TDI
On winning Best of Breed both days at the Midland, Michigan Dog Shows
under Judges Roger Hartinger and Paula Hartinger
and also going NOHS Group 1 on Saturday.
Shown by Breeder/Co-Owner Angie Hartley and owned by Lanalee Price.

Happy 4th Birthday to the Hondo x Rylee puppies (Hondo's first litter)
Rowan, Rogue, Vidic, Koda and Rosie

MAY 2015

Nothing to report in May?  Not sure - don't think anyone called with wins : )
Hondo's grandchildren are starting to win at Puppy Matches and shows - the next generation continues.  Hondo's daughter, Minx, had a lovely litter of puppies by Ruso, at Rainbow Hill and several will be going to show homes.

APRIL 2015

April 26 -
Congratulations again to Indy (Hondo x Hannah) and her breeder/owner/handler, Debbie Brower, for winning Winners Bitch/Best Opposite Sex (over a bitch special) at the Walla Walla, WA dog show today.
And congratulations to brother, Taz, on his Reserve Winners dog placement.

April 18 - Happy 10 month Birthday to the Hondo x Hannah pups

April 17 - Congratulations to Indy (Hondo x Hannah) and her breeder/owner/handler, Debbie Brower, for winning Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best Opposite Sex at the Idaho dog show today.

MARCH 2015

March 21, 2015 - Happy 8th Birthday to Hondo and his nine siblings,
Hank, Zeus, Scout, Eliza, Riley, Riggs, Redd, Ellie, and Rita.

What a Weekend for 8-1/2 month old Hondo x Hannah son, Elvis!
March 8, 2015 - BEST OF BREED over seven champions
from the 6-9 month old class
at the Seattle Kennel Club for his first Major (4 pts.)
On Saturday, March 7, he was Reserve Winners Dog.
"Elvis" is Jesmyster's All Shook Up,
Bred by Debbie Brower, Kirkland, WA and
Owned by Chris & Island Ainsworth, Walla Walla, WA
Thank you to Judge Michael Faulkner for all his kind comments
about Elvis after his Sunday win.
And special appreciation to Elvis' handler, John Dewing,
for guiding him through to the Hound Group. 
Please visit the Hondo/Hannah page
for photos from this special Seattle weekend.


Thank you to Chris & Island Ainsworth for sending us the book
"Walla Walla Winery Dogs" showing a photo of their two Ridgebacks -
Alabama and Elvis (Hondo x Hannah). 

A great book showing all the dogs of various breeds and mixed breeds 
at the wineries around Walla Walla. 
Alabama and Elvis don't belong to a winery, but to a restaurant -
Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen, 125 W.Alder St., Walla Walla, WA
If you are in the Walla Walla area - stop by and say hello to Chris & Island.

Dog show coming up in Walla Walla April 25 & 26 -
good time to visit the restaurant and wineries : )

"DIESEL" - CH Rainbow Hill's Mo' Better Blues (Hondo x Bitz),
at the Scottsdale, AZ dog show.  
Handled by Geri Griffin; bred by Jill Davis and
owned by Andy and Diane Kevalaitis, Carlsbad, CA

February 23, 2015 - Congratulations to Taz (Hondo x Hannah) on Reserve Winners Dog (to a Major) and Best Puppy - shown by his owner, Heidi Brennerman, at the Albany dog show.

Wishing a great year for all.

January 18, 2015 - Novi, Michigan Dog Show - Judge Sharon L. Clark
Congratulations to Rowan (Hondo x Rylee),
Silver GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC, TDI
on winning Best of Breed, owned by Lanalee Price and
shown by Breeder/co-owner Angie Hartley.

The year started out nicely for the 6 month old puppies
from the Hondo x Hannah litter
Congratulations to all for their awards and ribbons.

January 15-18, 3015 - Portland, Oregon Dog Shows -
Four of the Hondo x Hannah puppies (Indy, Didi, Taz, Elvis) did quite well.
 Indy, shown by breeder-owner, Debbie Brower,
won Best Opposite in Sweepstakes on Friday, Judge:  Karen McClelland. 
On Sunday, there was another Sweepstakes class and
she won Best in Sweepstakes.  Judge: Robert Russell. 
She also placed in the regular classes all four days.

Elvis, shown by John Dewing, and owned by Island & Chris Ainsworth,
was Reserve Winners Dog to a 5 pt. Major on Saturday.  Judge:  Dana Cline

The four puppies placed well all four days of the shows
and handled the crowds, judging, change of handlers,
staying overnight in hotels, etc. 
Looks like they are on their way to being show dogs : )

January 11, 2015 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Judge: Gary Doerge
Congratulations to Rugby, shown by Chelsea Neitzel,
owned by Jesse & Erin Knutson
for Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his first point.


December 25, 2014 - Rowan's sister, Rogue, had six puppies
(five boys and one girl - all ridged)  on Christmas Day in Texas.
Contact:  Kathy@TifariRR.com for more information
or see Hondo/Rylee's page.

December 2014 - Rowan had more wins and earned his Silver GCH Certificate and Medal : )

December 7 & 8 - Yuma, AZ - Both days Winners Dog for Diesel, Rainbow Hill's Mo Better Blue, owned by the Kevalitis' - shown by Geri Griffin.  It was supposed to be Majors those days, but broke at the last minute - so Diesel earned more points that he didn't need.  He just needs that one more major to be a champion - it's always so close.

December 4 - Happy 9th Birthday to our boy, Hunter (Chobe x Kate), Triggerhill's Doubletake Adventure, SC, RN, CGC


November 28 - Congratulations to Rowan for winning Best of Breed
at the Regional Specialty in Michigan, handled by breeder Angie Hartley. 
Owned by Lanalee Price.
November 18 - the Hondo x Hannah puppies turned 5 months old.  Five of them will make their show debut in January - Elvis, Indy, Taz and DiDi at Portland, OR and Rugby in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

November 6-9 - Michigan - Rowan is BOS over specials to the Breed Winner #1 Raquel...earning his final 200 points towards his Silver GCH title -
owner/handled to this title : )  Very proud of this Hondo son.


Diesel (Hondo x Bitz) was Reserve Winners Dog to a Major at the Pleasanton show in California, handled by Mandy Clevenger and owned by the Kevalitis' in California.

Theron (Hondo x Bitz) was Winners Dog at the Idaho dog show - shown by Marty Glover, owned by Rick Hoylman, Klamath Falls, OR.

Hondo's daughter, Rogue (Rowan's sister), is expecting puppies on Christmas Day.  These Tifari puppies are sired by the Lennox son, Dexter, and will be born in Texas.
Please go to the Tifari website for more information:  http://www.tifarirr.com

Rosie earned her TDI (Therapy Dog International) - Rosie is the sister of Rogue & Rowan - and lives in Michigan and is owned by Daniel and Betty Ann Gilliland

October 18th - the Hondo x Hannah puppies are 4 months old.

 Sorry folks - haven't kept up with all of Rowan's wins.  Think he won some more Breeds and Selects this month.  Do know that he is listed as No. 16 in the National Ridgeback standings for 2014 and Angie and Rowan are No. 1 in the RRCUS Owner/Handler list so far this year. 

October 5 - The Hondo son, Rowan, wins another Best of Breed at a show in Ohio.

October 1 - Our tow car is now home from Utah - all repaired.


September 30, 2014 - Happy 3rd Birthday to the Hondo x Bitz puppies:
Prez, Minx, Beez, Diesel, Theron, Deacon, Chase,
Desmond, Sebastian, Pennie and Bromley

September 27 & 28 - Dog Shows in Monroe, Michigan.  Rowan - GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC - won Best of Breed both days for more Major points towards his Silver GCH award.  Judges were Patricia Trotter and Marjorie Martotella(sp); breeder/co-owner/handler - Angie Hartley.  Owner - Lanalee Price.

This has been a busy month - with the U.S. Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty being held in Farmington, Utah - September 6-12.  We left home in our motorhome towing our Honda on September 3rd and didn't return until September 17th!  We had planned to be home on the 13th, but had "car problems" and the car is still in Utah!!  After the Nationals we did visit Zion and Bryce and I will be posting photos of that trip on our "Travel" page. 

While we were in Utah - we received a call from Kathy Owen in Texas that her Hondo daughter, Rogue, is now an AKC Champion.  Congratulations to
CH Tifari's All Hail the Heartbreaker,
and her breeder/owner/handler Kathy Owens  

Will post more about our exciting times and surprises at the "National" later.


August 31 - Congratulations to Rowan on winning Best of Breed and making the cut in the regular Hound Group and a Group 3 in the Owner/Handler Hound Group at the Michigan show.  Breeder/Handler/Co-owner Angie Hartley.  Owner Lanalee Price. 
August 30 - Congratulations to Rowan on going Select Dog at the Jackson, Michigan show.  See Rowan's information below.
August 23 & 24 - Congratulations to Rowan, GCH Tifari All Eyes On Me, SC, TDI (Hondo son) on winning Best of Breed both days in tough competition at the dog shows in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  Shown to those wins by Tifari friend Julia Loefenfeld.  Owner Lanalee Price watched and took photos - hope to have some to post later.
8-20-14 - Hondo x Hannah puppies are 9 weeks old.  I believe all puppies have new homes, but please check with Debbie Brower, Jesmyster,
to be sure - 509-628-3140, email: jdbrower@owt.com

8-13-14 - Hondo x Hannah puppies are eight weeks old.  Saw them the past few days, but my camera broke : (    So no new photos.  Please contact Debbie if you are interested in a puppy.

8-3-14 -- Congratulations to Rowan for another Best of Breed win and Group 3 at Marshall, MI Dog Show.  Thank you to the Breed judge:  Michael Sosne.  Different Group judge and don't have his name.  Breeder/Co-owner/Handler Angie Hartley.  Owner Lanalee Price. 


7-13-14 - Dog Show in Marshall, MI - Congratulations - Another Breed win for Rowan - and a cut in the Hound Group.  He didn't show on Saturday - both Lanalee and Angie had to work.

7-10-14 - Cuyahoga Valley Hound Show, Madison, Ohio
Congratulations to Rowan for going Best of Breed over some very nice specials and for making the cut in Group.  Way to go Angie & Lanalee.

7-9-14 - Special News -  Rowan (Hondo x Rylee) is now a Top 20 Ridgeback in Breed and No. 18 in All Breed AKC Stats thru June 24th.  Congratulations to his Breeders/Owners Angie Hartley and Kathy Owen and to his owner Lanalee Price of Michigan. 

Congratulations to Rowan for going Select at the Hound Specialty show in Michigan on Saturday, July 5, handled by his Breeder Angie Hartley.


June 28&29 - No show news this weekend for the Hondo kids - but Hannah's pups were 10 days old and now opening their eyes : )

June 21 & 22 - Congratulations to Rowan for two more Best of Breed wins and on Saturday an Owner/Handler Group 2

June 18th - Hannah has her and Hondo's 11 puppies - 6 males and 5 females.

June 14 & 15 - Congratulations to Rowan on a sweep this weekend with Best of Breed and Hound Group 2's both days!

June 8th - Congratulations to Hondo's son Prez, new Champion.
Hondo's 5th Champion
CH Rainbow Hill's Mr. President, Breeder/Owner: Jill Davis
at the Woofstock Cluster in Vallejo, CA
Shown to most wins by Geri Griffin;
final Major he was handled by Mandy Clevenger

June 7 - Rowan - Breed and Owner/Handler Hound Group 4
June 5 - Congratulations to Rowan on Best of Breed and a Hound Group 3
at the Midland, MI dog show today on his 3rd Birthday -
breeder/co-owner/handler Angie Hartley; owned by Lanalee Price

June 5, 2014 - HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO
The Tifari Five - Rowan, Vidic, Rogue, Rosie & Koda
Sired by:  "Hondo" - Bronze GCH Triggerhill's Western Adventure, SC, RN, CGC
Dam:  "Rylee) - CH Tifari's All Ryled Up, SC, RN CGC, HIC, TT
Hondo's first litter and Rylee's first litter.
See info and photos on Rylee's subpage under Hondo on this website.

June 1 - Congratulations to Rowan (Hondo x Rylee)
GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC, HIC, TT 
Owned by Lanalee Price, Michigan
on his 6th Breed win of the year and
earning the last points towards his
at the Maumee, Ohio Dog Show


It's been a busy May for Hondo and his kids
May 31 - Vidic
(Hondo x Rylee) Tifari's Vidic of Genoa, JC
owned by Brendan Davs and shown by his Breeder Angie Hartley -Tifari
He was Winners Dog at the Maumee, Ohio Dog Show, his 2nd dog show.
Rowan (Hondo x Rylee) GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC HIC, TT
owned by Lanalee Price, was Select Dog at this show

May 18 - Rowan (Hondo x Rylee) won Best of Breed,
Corunna, Michigan Dog Show
May 17 - Rowan won Best of Breed and a Group 4 at this show.

May 17 - Chase (Hondo x Bitz) won Winners Dog for his final point towards his champion title at the Mt. Palomar KC Dog Show in southern California. 
He is now known as:
CH Rainbow Hill's Cut To The Chase -
Breeder/Co-Owner Jill Davis;
Owners Richard & Svetlana Alleshouse of San Diego, CA

May 11 - Hondo earned his Rally Novice (RN) title - 3rd leg at the Rally Trial with a 95 score at the Klamath Dog Fanciers Dog Show in Oregon
May 10 - Hondo earned the first two legs of the Rally Novice Title with an 87 & 97 scores during two trials that day. 
His 97 & 95 scores this weekend earned him ties for 2nd place.

May 10 - Debbie Brower announced that her bitch, Hannah, had an ultrasound showing 10 little puppies by Hondo.  Pups will be due the middle of June.

May 3 - Rowan earned his temperament test title in Michigan.
He is now - GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, JC CGC TT


We're very proud of the Hondo x Rylee son, Rowan, on his wins in Ohio on 4-19-14.. Congratulations to Team Tifari!
Best of Breed and Hound Group 3
(5 GC Points) 109 dogs defeated
GCH TIFARI'S ALL EYES ON ME SC, TDI, TT, CGC, HIC. HP 40665405. 06-05-11
By GCH Triggerhill's Western Adventure SC, RN, CGC - Ch Tifari's All Ryled Up SC RN. Dog.
Owner: Lanalee Price & Angie Hartley & Kathy Owen, Shelby Township, MI 48316.
Breeder: Kathy Owen & Angie Hartley.
The way he's going he should have his Bronze GCH by the time he is 3 yrs old.
And all this is with limited showing with breeder/owner/handler.

January 25 & 26, 2014  (photos of Rogue on Rylee's page)
Alexandria Kennel Club Dog Shows in Louisiana
RWB to a 5 pt. Major on Saturday and Winners Bitch on Sunday for the 5 pt Major
Breeder/Owners - Kathy Owen (Texas) and Angie Hartley (Michigan)
Rogue just needs one more point for her CH title.

"ROWAN" - GCH Tifari All Eyes on Me, SC, CGC, TDI in MICHIGAN
Won Select Dog on three days, shown by owners Angie Hartley and Lanalee Price

"CHASE" - Rainbow Hill's Cut to the Chase - in CALIFORNIA
Won Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Saturday and Sunday,
now he just needs 1 pt for his CH title
Shown by Geri Griffin and co-owned by Richard & Svetlana Alleshouse
and breeder Jill Davis, Rainbow Hill.

"THERON" - Rainbow Hill's TurnerRidge Gold Rush - in OREGON
This is just his third weekend of shows and he already has 7 points -
At the Portland show this weekend he won a 4th and two 2nd place ribbons from the Open class on three days and was Reserve Winners Dog to a 5 pt major on Sunday.
Shown by Laura Reeves and owned by Rick Hoylman

There were 50-60+ Ridgebacks entered at this show - 5 pt majors

2013 Hondo was the No.1 Ridgeback in AKC GCH points for the state of Oregon
Hondo is semi retired from the show ring now and will live vicariously through the wins of his Get

In 2013 one son and two daughters were named Champion and one a Grand Champion.

"Rowan" - GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC, TDI
Breeder/Owner/Handler - Angie Hartley, Tifari RRs in Michigan; Handler/Owner - Lanalee Price, Michigan
"Rowan" - is the No. 1 Ridgeback Dog (Male) in Michigan for 2013

"Beez" - CH Rainbow Hill's HoneyBeez Adventurerr,
Bred by Jill Davis, Owned by Julie McCoart, Handled by Moe Miyagawa.  California

"Minx" - CH Rainbow Hill's Pretty Pretty Please,
Breeder/Owner Jill Davis; Handler Geri Griffin, California

There should be more Champions soon as he has six get that just need a few points (or a Major) to finish.

There were several wins for Hondo and his get in October/November/December -
but don't have time to list now.   Hopefully will do better with January show results. 
On one weekend in January - Hondo will have three sons competing in three different states : ) 
Hoping for good results.


Chase, Diesel, Prez, Minx, Beezie Bromley, Desmond, Theron, Deacon, Sebastian, Pennie and Bromley

September 29, 2013 - Congratulations to Minx, Rainbow Hill's Pretty Pretty Please,
Winners Bitch att he San Luis Obispo KC Dog Show
Bred and owned by Jill Davis
and beautifully presented to the Judge by Geri Griffin

September 28 & 29th - Congratulations to Rowan (Hondo x Rylee) -
GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC, HIC
on going Best Opposite Sex both days at the dog shows in Monroe, Michigan
Breeder/Handler - Angie Hartley and Owned by Lanalee Price

September 28, 2013 - Congratulations to Chase, Rainbow Hill's Cut to the Chase,
Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the San Luis Obispo KC Dog Show.
Bred by Jill Davis; Owned by Richard & Svetlana Alleshouse
and beautifully presented to the Judge by Geri Griffin

September 15, 2013 - CONGRATULATIONS TO "ROWAN" -
on earning his Senior Courser title today in Michigan
INT Ch./UKC Ch/AKC GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, SC, CGC, HIC
Owned & Loved by Lanalee Price, Michigan


August 23 - 26, 2013 - Santa Barbara Dog Shows Weekend -
Congratulations to Prez, Rainbow Hill's Mr. President (Hondo x Bitz) on going Winners Dog
on 3 of the 4 days; and to sister, Minx, Rainbow Hill's Pretty Pretty Please for Winners Bitch
one day and Reserve one day.
Both pups bred and owned by Jill Davis, Rainbow Hill Ridgebacks and beautifully presented by Geri Griffin.

August 23 & 24, 2013 - Congratulations to Rowan - GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, JC, CGC - on going Best Opposite Sex one day and Select the next at shows in Ohio.  Bred by Angie Hartley & Kathy Owen,
Owned and shown by Lanalee Price. 

August 10, 2013 - Our Darcey (Rowan x Tori) Junior Courser 
Mistake - Darcey has run two JC Tests - but it turns out they were judged by the same person - Charles Roberts -
so now we have to find another test to run her again with a different judge and that is hard to do in Oregon. 

JULY 2013

Hondo x Bitz pups do it up big in July
Congratulations to Chase and his owners Richard & Svetlana Alleshouse
and to Breeder & owner of Minx, Jill Davis
Rainbow Hill's Cut to the Chase - "Chase" now has 11points (3 majors)
Rainbow Hill's Pretty Pretty Please - "Minx" now has 11 points (2 majors)

July 27 & 28, 2013 - Lompoc, CA dog shows.  Judges Juan Miranda and Sally Stasytis
Saturday:  Chase Winners Dog and Minx Winners Bitch - forgot who went Best of Winners
Sunday:  Chase Winners Dog and Minx Winners Bitch - forgot who went Best of Winners
Very rare occurence at dog shows for the WD & WB to be the same both days
Congratulations to handler of both dogs, Geri Griffin, for doing such a great job presenting these dogs to the judges and letting them earning their Majors this weekend
Waiting for the win photos - and will post them on Bitz page when they arrive.

July 5-7, 2013 - Ventura, CA dog shows.  Judges Sonny Ambrosio, Bill Shelton, and E. M. Gilbert
Friday:  Minx Winners Bitch; Saturday, Chase, Winners Dog; Sunday Minx Winners Bitch

And in Michigan - Rowan (Hondo x Rylee) GCH Tifari's All Eyes On Me
was winning Breeds, Selects and an AOM in July handled by his owner Lanalee Price or his breeder/owner Angie Hartley.  This boy has done quite well with his limited showing. 
Congratulations to Breeders Kathy Owen and Angie Hartley of Tifari Ridgebacks
and to Owner Lanalee Price for doing such a good job training and enjoying Rowan.

JUNE 2013

Working on trying to remember what happened this month -
will post as soon as I figure it - know Hondo had some Breed wins : )
Lots of shows this month - with Breed wins/Selects/Reserves with Hondo, Darcey and Hondo's puppies -
but too busy to post them all.  Hopefully July will be slower : )

Koda, Rogue, Rosie, Rowan and Vidic

June 1st and 2nd - Congratulations to CH Tifari All Eyes On Me, JC, CGC, "Rowan" (Hondo x Rylee) and his owner/handler Lanalee Price for Best of Breed both days in Toledo, Ohio -
Judges:  Guy Jeavons and Mark Houston-Macmillan.  

MAY 2013

May 26, 2013 - Hondo, Select and Darcey Best Opposite (WB/BOS) - Judge Lesley Hiltz - Spokane Kennel Club
May 25, 2013 - Best of Breed for Hondo; and Best Opposite to Darcey (WB/BOS) - Judge Beverly Capstick - Spokane Kennel Club Dog Show

May 18, 2013 - Congratulations to "Diesel" - Rainbow Hills Mo Better Blue (Hondo x Bitz) for going Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the Valley Center, CA show.  Owners Andy & Diane Kevalaitis; Handler Geri Griffin;  Judge Mrs. Murrel Purkhiser

May 11, 2013 - Congratulations to "Chase" - Rainbow Hill's Cut to the Chase (Hondo x Bitz)
for a big win today at the Apple Valley show -
Winners Dog, Best of Winners and BEST OF BREED over Specials.
He is the 4th pup in the litter to earn AKC points - and more puppies will be shown this year.
Owners:  Richard & Svetlana Alleshouse; Handler Geri Griffin;  Judge - Bill Shelton

APRIL 2013
April 28, 2013 - Congratulations to the Hondo kids on wins today.
"Rowan" (Hondo x Rylee) CH Tifari's All Eyes on Me, JC CGC Select Dog in Michigan -
more Major points towards his GCH title.
"Minx" (Hondo x Bitz) Rainbow Hill's Pretty Pretty Please was WB/BOS over Specials at the Chino, California show.
She is the 3rd one in that litter to earn points (2 have Majors) and they are just starting on their show career. 
Breeder/Owner - Jill Davis;  Handler Geri Griffin; Judge Sandra Bridges
April 21, 2013 - Congratulations to "Rowan" - CH Tifari All Eyes On Me, JC, CGC (Hondo x Rylee) on going Best of Breed today at the Central Ohio Kennel Club Dog Show.  Judge Randy Garren, handled by Breeder Angie Hartley and owned by Lanalee Price. Believe there were 23 entries with 8 specials. Thrilling day for the Tifari Team and us : ) Thank you Lanalee for calling with this good news.

MARCH 2013

March 31 - Congratulations again to Rogue (Hondo x Rylee) - Tifari's All Hail the Heartbreaker -
on going Winners Bitch in Pennsylvania
And Congratulations to our Hondo on going Best Opposite (to No. 1 Molly)
with handler Laura Reeves.   Judge Allen Odom
at the Chintimini KC show in Albany, Oregon
Darcey won her class both days of this show and was Reserve WB on Sunday.
It was a great weekend out with friends and dogs.

March 30 - Congratulations to two Hondo daughters -
Rogue (x Rylee) going WB at a Pennsylvania show -
breed/owner/handled by Kathy Owens.
and to
Beez (x Bitz) Rainbow Hill's HoneyBeez Adventurerr, for going WB for a 5 pt Major
at the Las Vegas, NV show,
Breeder: Jill Davis; Owner:  Julie Morgan; Handler: Moe Miyagawa

March 29 - Darcey (Rowan x Tori) and John entered her first Rally Trial and scored a 98 (out of 100),
giving her 4th place in a class of 17 : )
Chintimini Kennel Club Dog Show in Albany, Oregon

Rita, Scout, Hank, Riggs, Redd, Eliza, Zeus and Ellie

March 10, 2013 - Congratulations to Rowan - CH Tifari's All Eyes On Me, JC, CGC
for going Best of Breed at a dog show in Indiana.  He earned Major points towards his GCH title -
shown by Melissa Engelking, owned by Lanalee Price, bred by Angie Hartley and Kathy Owens.
Judge:  Tim Catterson


February 24, 2012 - Del Mar Dog Show in California - Just heard that the Hondo x Bitz son, "DIESEL" -
Rainbow Hill's Mo Better Blue - went WINNERS DOG & BEST OF WINNERS FOR A 3 PT. MAJOR  
from the 12-18 month class today. Shown by Geri Griffin.
Owned by Andy & Diane Kevalaitis, of Oceanside. CA.
Judge was David Peat.
The pups from this Hondo x Bitz litter are just starting to show
and Diesel is the first one to start earning points.


CONGRATULATIONS TO "ROWAN" - New Champion Tifari's All Eyes On Me, JC, CGC  (Hondo x Rylee) - and co-breeders/co-owners Angie Hartley/Kathy Owens and owner Lanalee Price - and handler Angie on Row going WD/BW Friday (2 pts) Judge Marjorie Martorella; WD Saturday (4 pts) Judge James Frederiksen; and needing one point to finish - wins another WD/BW for 4 pts and New Champion under Judge Paula Hartinger.  Row's sister, Rosie, Tifari's All The Rage, JC, CGC, was WB on Sunday.  Congratulations to owners of this beautiful girl, Daniel and BettyAnn Gilliland.  It was a great weekend and especially good day on Sunday for the Tifari Team.

Sunday (1/20/13) was also good for us - as Hondo, GCH Triggerhill's Western Adventure, SC, CGC, (sire of Rowan & Rosie) went Select at the Portland, Oregon Rose City Classic Dog Shows with lots of tough competition.  Thank you to his handler, Laura Reeves, on presenting Hondo so well and making sure he had a lot of fun in the ring : )   We're looking forward to seeing the photos that Karen Evasuik (friend of Laura's) took of Hondo in the ring.  www.evasuikcustomdesign.photoreflect.com

January 3-6 - SDRRC Specialty, Hound Show and Palm Springs Kennel Club Dog Shows
Congratulations to Beezie - Rainbow Hills HoneyBeez Adventurerr (Hondo x Beez)
owned by Jewels & Dennis McCoart, on winning 1st place in the 12-18 month class on three of the days,
she missed the class on the 4th day (handler error).
Congratulations to Minx - Rainbow Hills Pretty Pretty Please (Hondo x Beez) Breeder/Owner, Jill Davis,
on winning 2nd place in the 12-18 month class on Saturday and placing 1st on Sunday.
Not sure of the placings for brother Diesel, owned by Andy Kevalatis, 
but think he was in the ribbons on all four days and at least one 1st place. 
Will update when I hear more.   Minx and Diesel were shown by Geri Griffin. 
Beez was shown by Tammy Miyagawa (or substitutes Luke or Moe)

John & Judy Kuplent
Merlin, Oregon  97532
(Grants Pass area)
541-476-6604 (home phone)
661-342-4219 (cell phone)

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"Tori" -  CH Triggerhill's Notorious Doubletake, RN, SC, CGC, HIC
OFA - Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Thyroid Normal, DM Normal

"Hondo" -  CH Triggerhill's Western Adventure, SC, CGC
OFA - Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Thyroid Normal

"Hunter" -  Triggerhill's Doubletake Adventure, RN, SC, CGC

"Darcey"  -  Adventurerr's Dare to Dream, JC, CGC

Our 2009 Litter has arrived and have gone to their wonderful homes - but we are still interested in helping you obtain a Ridgeback from a reputable breeder.

Welcome to AdventureRRs

We hope you enjoy our photos of Ridgebacks and their friends. 
If you have any questions about Ridgebacks, please be sure to contact us and if we can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can.   Or we highly recommend that you look into the possibility of adopting one of the many fine Rescue Ridgebacks in need of a good, loving and permanent home.  
Please contact: 
www.ridgebackrescue.org for a location of a rescue Ridgeback in your area.

Many people think that breeding Ridgebacks is a way to have money in the bank; but if you do it right that's not always the case.  There are many puppy millers and back-yard-breeders (BYB) that might make money at the expense of the dog and the breed.  Please be sure that you are buying a puppy from a reputable breeder and that the sire and dam have had all the tests recommended by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. (RRCUS) Code of Ethics.  The puppies from reputable breeders are usually well socialized, up to date on innoculations and they come with a lifetime friend in the breeder of this puppy.  That person is always available to you for assistance in raising the puppy and helping in any way they can.  These puppies usually have AKC championship breed titles on their pedigrees as well as many performance titles.   Ridgebacks are a very versatile breed and you may enjoy getting involved in some of these activities with your puppy and meet many nice people that are active with their Ridgebacks.

Please visit the RRCUS web site (
http://www.RRCUS.org ) for information about the Breed, Breeders, Rescue and articles about raising a Ridgeback.  One article in particular for the prospective Ridgeback owners:  "Is a Ridgeback the Right Dog For Your Family?"   We hope you visit this site before taking on the responsiblity of owning a Ridgeback.

P.S.  This site is a work in process - look often for changes and additions.


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