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photos of new champion "Elvis" on the Hondo/Hannah page.

Congratulations to Elvis, Hondo x Hannah son, for winning Winners Dog & Best of Winners and Best of Breed over 6 Specials and a Hound Group 4 to complete the points for his Championship title at the Clackamas Kennel Club Dog Show in Canby, Oregon, June 25, 2016 under Judge David R. Miller.  What a way to finish!!

"Elvis" - New CH Jesmyster's All Shook Up
was bred by Debbie Brower, Kennewick, WA
and owned by Island and Chris Ainsworth, Walla Walla, WA
Elvis was shown to his final points by John Dewing,
Elvis is Hondo's 8th Champion.

Sorry for not updating this page in a long time. 
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As for now, we no longer breed - but sometimes know of litters/puppies available.
Hondo is still available at stud, but only via A.I. (fresh or frozen).

If you are looking for a Ridgeback, puppy or adult, please contact us via
and we will try to help you find a reputable breeder
or Ridgeback Rescue in your area. 
Please email us your location (City/State) and what you are looking for in a puppy.

To learn about Ridgeback puppies and how to find a reputable breeder,
you might like to buy this book:
"Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy" by Denise Flaim

To contact us, please email:  jkuplent@sbcglobal.net

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We hope you enjoy our photos of Ridgebacks and their friends. 
If you have any questions about Ridgebacks, please be sure to contact us and if we can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can.   Or we highly recommend that you look into the possibility of adopting one of the many fine Rescue Ridgebacks in need of a good, loving and permanent home.  
Please contact: 
www.ridgebackrescue.org for a location of a rescue Ridgeback in your area.

Many people think that breeding Ridgebacks is a way to have money in the bank; but if you do it right that's not always the case.  There are many puppy millers and back-yard-breeders (BYB) that might make money at the expense of the dog and the breed.  Please be sure that you are buying a puppy from a reputable breeder and that the sire and dam have had all the tests recommended by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. (RRCUS) Code of Ethics.  The puppies from reputable breeders are usually well socialized, parents have been health tested (OFA, etc), up to date on innoculations and they come with a lifetime friend in the breeder of this puppy.  That person is always available to you for assistance in raising the puppy and helping in any way they can.  These puppies usually have AKC championship breed titles on their pedigrees as well as many performance titles.  Don't think you have to pay a high price - pet stores and some puppy millers charge more than a reputable breeder.  Please check out the breeder of your future pup - ask for references.   Ridgebacks are a very versatile breed and you may enjoy getting involved in some of these activities with your puppy and meet many nice people that are active with their Ridgebacks.

Please visit the RRCUS web site (
http://www.RRCUS.org ) for information about the Breed, Breeders, Rescue and articles about raising a Ridgeback.  One article in particular for the prospective Ridgeback owners:  "Is a Ridgeback the Right Dog For Your Family?"   We hope you visit this site before taking on the responsiblity of owning a Ridgeback.

P.S.  This site is a work in process - look often for changes and additions.

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